10 reasons why you should use Stucc self adhesive numbers and letters

Drilling holes in doors is a way of the past. It’s messy, can cause damage to your door and fiddling with the screws can be quite annoying. But now, there are much easier ways to put new numbers on your door.

Our stick-on numbers and letters are the perfect solution. Putting up a new house number or sign couldn’t be any simpler.

So, why should you choose stick on numbers and letters for your door?

  1. It’s super easy – It really couldn’t be any simpler, actually. All you do is peel and stick, and that’s all there is to it. No drills or mess here.
  2. It takes no time at all – All you have to do is pick your number, decide where on your door you want it, and peel and stick it on. It takes less than a minute. You don’t have to waste your time trying to measure where to drill a hole - you don’t need one!
  3. They look amazing – Our stick-on numbers and letters have a chrome finish, so they look amazing. You’ll give your neighbors serious door envy.
  4. There is no mess – Just drop the peel back cover in the bin, that is the only mess. No loose screws or sawdust all over your floor.
  5. They won’t damage your door – Every other door number requires you to drill a hole straight through your door. This risks you drilling the hole in the wrong place or even the wood of your door splitting. If your door is uPVC, you won’t want to be drilling a hole into it. This is why our stick-on numbers and letters are perfect for all different types of door and surface – they don’t do any damage.
  6. You don’t need any specialist tools – All it takes is a peel and stick (and maybe a bit of measuring with a ruler). You don’t need a drill, you don’t need any nails, no specialist equipment at all. It’s so simple.
  7. It is the ultimate DIY – Because you don’t need any specialist equipment, you can do it yourself! You don’t need an expert to come and fit it for you, you are the expert.
  8. The weather won't budge them – We have done vigorous life testing on the adhesive. They last for years and will not deteriorate in quality over time.
  9. They have extremely strong adhesive – We only use the strongest adhesive to make sure that our stick-on numbers and letters stay stucc.
  10. High quality low cost – Our stick-on numbers and letters won’t break the bank, and yet they still look amazing! Your neighbours will be shocked when you tell them all about the product.


These are 10 top reasons why you should believe in the magic of Stucc. Now give your door a makeover with our amazing stick-on numbers and letters!