About Stucc

about us 

We are Stucc signs. A family business with an expertise in product design and manufacturing.

All great products solve a problem and the story of Stucc is no different.

After a new front door was installed at our home in 2018, Clyde fixed metal house numbers using pilot holes. One of the screws twisted and pulled the number out of position. No problem, he thought, just reverse the drill and refix. But the cheap screw was now damaged and the only way to remove it was to hammer a slot in the screw face. Two hours later, after a trip to Screwfix to buy new screws, the job was eventually done!

As a product designer Clyde is familiar with using adhesive tapes instead of mechanical fixings in applications where screw heads are unsightly, and to make production faster. So why not use the same for house numbers?

After researching products on the market, we were disappointed by the styles and quality of adhesives used for self adhesive numbers. The decision was made to design house numbers to be manufactured to our own specification.

After 18 months of manufacturing trials and testing we are extremely happy with our products, as are our customers. We now sell our door numbers and letters to homes and businesses all over the UK.

Our products are the best quality out there.