Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials and surfaces can I stick Stucc products to?

Our products adhere extremely well to a wide range of flat, smooth materials. We do not recommend application to surfaces that are unsound, porous or peeling:


Not Suitable

Wood painted

Wood – old, rotten, porous or wet

Wood varnished or sealed

Painted surfaces - flaking or peeling

Composite door



Cement render


Rough or unflat surfaces



How do I know the adhesive will last? 

Each Stucc product uses a unique high bond adhesive that has been thoroughly life tested for its unique application. They remain permanently in place when correctly applied to suitable surfaces.

How do I know if my numbers will fit my door?

Each range has a size guide included with the product description. This guide gives a minimum recommended width for up to 3 numerals. The guide can also be printed out at 100% to cutout and check the size/ fit before purchase.

Are Stucc door numbers and letters weatherproof?

Yes, unlike some cheaper products they have been tested in extreme temperatures and conditions to ensure they are guaranteed to last all climates.

How do I apply my door number? Do I need a tradesman to do this?

Applying Stucc numbers couldn’t be easier you simply peel off the adhesive backing (taking care not to touch the adhesive) and stick, no trades are required. We have some tips on ensuring the position is correct in our application guide and these are provided with each order.

Can I have a discount for a large order?

Yes, please send details of your order to sales@stucc.co.uk and we will respond the same day.

How do I care for my door number?

Our numbers do not tarnish or rust. We recommend wiping with hot soapy water once a year to ensure they continue to look like new. Metal polish can also be used to ensure they sparkle.

I have just painted my front door, how quickly can I apply my Stucc door number?

Although a freshly painted door may appear dry to the touch the drying process may still be in progress. We recommend waiting another 48hrs before applying your door number.