Choosing A Beautiful Number for The Door of The Apartment

The number on the front door of the apartment is an integral attribute of any home. This element is a kind of navigation element that allows an outsider to find the necessary residential object. Manufacturers make such products in a variety of configurations, colors, and materials. Also, different models may differ in the way they are fixed on the door block. Door numbers to designate your own house or apartment do not need to be purchased in a store. It is quite possible to make them yourself.

Door Number Options

The numbers denoting the number of a residential building or apartment installed, as a rule, on the front door primarily differ in the way of installation. There are self-adhesive, self-tapping screws and hanging models.


This is the most common door number option. Self-adhesive door numbers are the easiest to install. This does not require any tools. But it is necessary to comply with some conditions so that the number does not disappear after a while.

For this, the surface of the door is pre-treated with a weak solvent. Next, a number is applied to the door, aligned and outlined with a simple pencil, i.e., marking the place of its fixation is made. Only after that, the protective film is removed from the adhesive side; the part is applied to the intended place and slightly pressed down for a secure connection to the base.

If the number, which is self-adhesive to the apartment's front door, does not adhere well, you can use glue, but very carefully, especially if it is a design project. The excess must be removed immediately with a damp cloth soaked in a solvent; otherwise, it will be much more difficult to do when the glue dries.

self adhesive door numbers


Numbers that are screwed to the door leaf will hold more securely than self-adhesive ones. In factory products, holes for fastening elements are already provided.

The acquired numbers on the door are applied to the surface, aligned, points for drilling holes for screws are marked with a pencil. To fix such numbers, you will need an electric drill and a screwdriver to tighten the screws.


The number on the door of an apartment or a private house is a plate on which there may be some additional information in addition to the number. The sign on the sides is equipped with special fasteners on which it is hung on the door. For these fasteners, holes are drilled in the door leaf, and screws are screwed in, then the product is suspended.

Number Plates on The Apartment Door from Different Materials

It is not difficult to attach the numbers for the apartment number with your own hands to the front door. The main thing is to choose the most attractive solution so that the numbers look attractive on the door block. Manufacturers offer different options for numbers, differing in shape, the material of manufacture.


Products made from this material are quite reliable and have a long service life.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. This number on the door is the most common. However, such numbers are recommended to be installed on the door leaf during the manufacturing process. In the wooden basis of the canvas, recesses are made especially for the numbers, into which the numbers are then pressed.

The number plate on the door of an apartment made of brass has the following advantages:

High Strength;

  • Resistance to mechanical damage, temperature extremes, and the formation of material corrosion;
  • Such numbers can be additionally decorated.
  • Stainless steel products

Stainless steel numbers look modern. They fit well with chrome door hardware that is additionally polished.

The stainless steel on the front door is anti-corrosion resistant; the material is not afraid of aggressive environments. Stainless steel products are also very popular with consumers.

Main Advantages:

  • The practicality of installation and further operation;
  • Increased strength;
  • No special care is required;
  • Lightweight;
  • The long period of operation;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • The material is not afraid of significant temperature changes, does not deform.

Numbers on the doors of houses or apartments, made of stainless steel, are the most optimal entrance doors. They can also be mounted on the gates of a private house since this material is distinguished by good resistance to negative natural phenomena (rain, snow, wind loads, minus temperature of the OS). The product also does not fade in the sun.


This is the most affordable budget option for apartment numbers. The numbers are made of durable two-layer plastic.

The production process uses laser engraving technology. The consumables are placed on a specialized plane; the required figure is entered into the production equipment program. The laser automatically cuts a given pattern on the workpiece.

The number plate on the door of an apartment made of plastic has the following advantages:

  • Plastic is a pretty attractive material;
  • Ease of construction;
  • UV and moisture resistant;
  • Possibility of choosing products for any color of the door block.

Each manufacturer of plastic numbers for houses and apartments offers its products in a wide range; the numbers differ in the product's shape and the palette of colors.


From wood, original designs of number plates are also obtained to designate residential and non-residential buildings and premises. The wooden plate depicts the number itself and various decorative elements, for example, various symbols, plants, animals, etc.

The production technology is quite simple. The draft number plate is pre-printed on paper, then transferred to a plywood sheet and cut out. After that, the edges of the finished product are sanded to give it a complete and more attractive appearance.