How To Choose Front Doors?

We store our property, money, and other valuables in the apartment, which is why the home needs good protection against penetration. In this regard, almost everyone who renovates an apartment or builds a house has a question - how to choose an entrance door?

Now we will try to figure out how to choose a reliable door. Entrance doors are made of wood and metal, and based on their purpose, you can understand how to choose them correctly. But any door must have the following features:

  • Powerful design that protects the door from force opening;
  • The ability to control the callers at the door or simply standing next to people using special glass, door peephole, or video tracking system;
  • Good sound and thermal insulation. Before choosing an entrance door, you need to consult with professionals about what level of insulation the door to your home should have;
  • High-quality and reliable lock against intellectual thieves, which will help to avoid breaking with master keys or picking a key;
  • A beautiful design that will highlight the features of the home interior and will look great in the photo.

The strength of the door directly depends on the material. Most often, doors are made from steel, wood, and various material combinations. Previously, people were afraid to put powerful steel doors, as this could attract the attention of thieves or tax authorities.

Since most wooden doors do not meet these requirements, let's look at steel samples and see what a quality door should be.

The Basis of The Door Is a Guarantee of Security

How to choose a front door that would not let a stranger into an apartment? First of all, it must have solid steel sheets because welded structures are flimsier, and it will be quite easy to break them with a sledgehammer and scrap. Also, an important part of the door frame is the platbands, which close the gap between the door frame and the opening in the wall into which the frame itself is installed. If you do not install the platband, the seemingly reliable protection can easily be turned out with a crowbar along with the box. The porches play a similar role, but it becomes more difficult to remove the door and not the box after their installation.

Steel entrance doors should be based on thick sheets of metal; therefore, it is advisable to find out the necessary parameters before choosing a quality product. Foreign-made doors are usually made of alloy steel sheets with a thickness of 1-1.5 mm. When struck with a hammer, the sheets will crumple slightly but will not break in any way.

Domestic manufacturers do not have a specific standard for the production of doors, so a wide variety of samples can be found on the market. There are both standard products with a small metal thickness and armored doors with sheets of 3-4 mm.

In most cases, such heavy and thick doors are installed in country houses or private houses, and their price starts at £ 1000. Inside such giants, there are additional struts and stiffening arcs and sound and heat-insulating materials: mineral wool, foam plastic, foam rubber, sawdust, etc.

In ordinary apartments, where no one will use noisy grinders and drills, it is recommended to put a standard sample without frills and additional layers. A rubber gasket around the perimeter of the front door will also come in handy, which will prevent unpleasant odors from entering the house.

Before choosing an entrance metal door, you need to understand what is required from the door frame because she suffers most of all from the power loads during the break-in. The door frame must be strong and well secured. That is why it is better to entrust the door insert to professional builders, whose experience will not allow making a mistake.

Also, when choosing a steel front door protection, it is necessary to choose parts with a bearing. This will significantly reduce their wear and prevent the door from sagging. Also, the front door numbers of hinges depends on the door's weight: up to 70 kg - two hinges, more than 70 kg. 3-4 pieces are required.

When choosing a mount, remember that when the wall is adjacent to the doorway, it will be impossible to insert the U-shaped structure. If you have just such a situation, you will have to partially abandon reliability and install a standard flat-mount. But if a knowledgeable person carries out the installation of the usual structure, it will not yield to the U-prominent in terms of strength.

How To Choose an Entrance Metal Door That Reliably Protects the Entrance to The Apartment?

It is enough to cut two strong locks into it, preferably of two types: lever and cylinder. The first is protected from the force, i.e., knocking out, and the second - cylinder will protect the home from breaking with the help of master keys.

The last criterion for choosing the most durable and reliable iron front door will be its appearance. Outside, the door can be upholstered in diamantine, plastic or wood paneling. The latter option is one of the most expensive, so it is unsuitable for a limited budget. Doors in the middle and lower price categories are often painted with powder, thus saving money and focusing on quality. In the event of a fire, such a coating has an indisputable plus - protection against burning.

Now you know how to choose the right reliable and high-quality steel front door. It is worth remembering that only 15% of thefts are carried out with force on the door; all other thieves work with lock picks and selection of keys. Therefore, choose a door carefully, and your home will be completely and completely protected from strangers.