Benefits of Front Door Numbers

The Number on The Apartment Door is a Small But Important Detail

The numbers on the door are an integral attribute of every house and apartment. Such a detail is considered a navigation element and allows a person to find the required dwelling number. The products are produced in different colors, made from different materials and have certain methods of fixing on the door. You can make numbers for the front door with your own hands, or you can purchase a suitable option. 

Made of Wood

To create an unusual plaque, you can take any piece of wood or plywood. You can give it the desired size and shape with a jigsaw - everyone can do it. The plate should be sanded with an emery cloth or sander to keep it even and smooth. After that, you can paint it in the desired color, draw numbers with the apartment number on it. In addition to Front Door Numbers, many write a pleasant and beautiful text: "The house where love lives", "My house is my fortress" and many other slogans. 

If a person has difficulties with drawing with a brush, then you can contact an advertising agency - for a symbolic fee, the craftsmen will cut out the necessary inscription from a special film, which will then be easy to stick to the work piece. 

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Features of Choice

Number plates, as a rule, are selected taking into account the following factors: 

material from which the door leaf is made;

exterior design;

door color, etc.

So, if the door leaf is dark, for example, black or dark brown, numbers of light colors will look great on it, and in particular, imitating silver or bronze. 

But the "golden" numbers are not quite an appropriate option. It is generally expected that such shiny numbers will look rich and create a luxurious atmosphere, but this effect is not achieved in practice. Moreover, according to experts, the "golden" numbers only demonstrate the lack of taste in the apartment owner. 

In addition, when choosing a number for the front door of an apartment, it is important to take into account the material from which the canvas is made. So, for example, for metal structures "square" numbers are considered ideal: they skillfully emphasize the solidity of the door system, focusing on its reliability and strength. By the way, the same effect is achieved if you use "square" on the Apartment Door Numbers, which is sheathed with leatherette. 

Number plates for doors More opportunities open up for the owner of an apartment whose entrance doors are made of wood. Here you can give free rein to imagination, but still the main thing is not to overdo it. For example, designers do not recommend choosing too large and bright numbers for an inexpensive wooden structure. 

On such a canvas, numbers made of plastic or wood will look better. If you wish, you can even experiment a little: for example, make Door Numbers from twigs with your own hands. Such a "plaque" will refresh the structure and transform the driveway.

If the front door is made of noble wood, the designers recommend paying attention to metal numbers. However, for wooden doors, in contrast to steel structures, “round” numbers are considered a more successful solution.

front door numbers

At the same time, when choosing a number for the front door of an apartment, you should pay attention to the following two points: 

There should be a contrast between the shade of the door leaf and the color of the numbers, otherwise the identification plate will merge with the structure, and it will be almost impossible to see the apartment number from a distance.

There must be harmony between the apartment number, handles and other fittings of this door system. Ideally, they should be decorated in one color scheme, then it will all look like a single complete ensemble.

The Figures on The Apartment Door is a small but important, If you don't want to do something complicated, you can order the production of a plate to order. Using a laser cutting machine, you can create numbers from wood. The main advantage is that the machines can cut numbers in any font - both printed and handwritten. You can also purchase blanks in creative goods stores, so that you can then decorate them as you wish. You can paint the numbers with acrylic, apply decoupage napkins on them, or come up with other ways to decorate the product. 

Thus, you can easily and simply create the decor of the front door. This does not require any special skills - everything can be made by hand. Some housewives sew numbers from fabric, which are attached with glue or double-sided tape. You can decorate the front door with special interior stickers, so that the entrance turns into a real work of art. You just need to turn on your imagination and come up with an interesting way to decorate the front door. Moreover, small children can be involved in handicrafts - they always create various decorative crafts with great pleasure.  

Material for Door Numbers 

Door plates can be made from a wide variety of materials:


of stainless steel;



acrylic, etc.

Funny number on the door Acrylic decals are considered "indestructible". They look presentable. The only drawback of such an element of accessories is the monochrome image, although it is solved by installing a colored substrate under the numbers. 

Wooden products look noble and rich. Such structural elements are resistant to external influences, poorly erased and strong to break. If you wish, you can “age” the signs, which will give the door leaf a unique look. 

Brass number plates look amazing on expensive apartment entrance doors. Their yellowish dull sheen gives such designs a touch of elegance and sophistication. Such plates look no worse on veneered and laminated door panels. 

Unlike the brass plates, which give the door system a touch of antiquity, the stainless steel plates give the designs a modern "motif". The main thing is that other elements of the fittings are also made of stainless steel. 

Glass numbers are considered an excellent option. They give the door block lightness and emphasize the refined taste of the owner of this apartment. Glass numbers can be either colorless or multi-colored.

front door numbers

How to Choose a Door Number Plate from Popular Materials?

There is nothing complicated in the process of attaching numbers to the door leaf. Manufacturers use modern materials for the manufacture of numbers, so that each user can choose a product at will. 

Brass: Reliable and Durable

An alloy of copper and zinc is called brass, Self Adhesive Door Numbers of an apartment from such raw materials are considered the most common. There is one caveat - it is best to mount them on the door leaf during the manufacturing process. The craftsman makes the corresponding cutouts on the wooden base, where he presses the brass number. In terms of weight, numbers made of brass differ from similar models made of other material - they are heavier.