5 Tips for Choosing Highly Visible Stainless Home Door Numbers

A quick and low-cost approach to give your home a personal touch is to install home door numbers on it. But if customers can't see the new address numbers, why go through the trouble of installing them? Stainless door numbers are one of the best options for people who are looking for a home door number.

To make house numbers more visible, keep these three things in mind:

  • The distance from the location where the number is attached, the street, and the size of the house number
  • Utilise contrasting hues or finishes for the mounting surface and your house number.
  • Selecting a font style to boost readability

Here are Some Tips for Visible Stainless Door Numbers

The Separation Between Your Street and Home Number

First, calculate the distance between the mounting position and the intersection of your street before deciding on the size of your home number. This is roughly where guests arriving by car would check for your home address. The right size for a clear and visible view from the street once you've determined the distance from the road's centre to the location of the address number.

The width of the stainless door numbers is determined by measuring it from bottom to top. Readability will also be impacted by the speed of the vehicle and the lighting.

Choose Contrasting Colours to Make House Numbers Stand Out Better

Our second piece of advice is to make sure the finish colour you choose is noticeably different from the colour of the mounting surface when choosing the suitable house number for your property to maximise visibility.

The visibility and impact of the house numbers increase noticeably when contrasting house address numbers are employed. On the other hand, if you choose a Stainless door numbers finish or colour that is similar to your mounting surfaces, such as a black number on a black or dark-coloured brick fence, your number will probably be very challenging to see no matter how far away it is or how tall it is.

Some general guidelines to bear in mind are:

  • Dark mounting surface? Choose a matte white powder-coated or brushed aluminium house number.
  • Choose a matte black powder-coated house number for light-coloured mounting surfaces.

Some stores now provide lit house numbers or numbers painted with a reflecting surface as an additional choice to think about.

Choose the Right Font Type for Your House Numbers

Consider the effect of the font type you choose carefully before choosing the proper house numbers to maximise visibility for your home.

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If your address is written in ornate, thin, scripted, or serif-style fonts, it could be harder to read. For instance, Victorian house numbers and vintage or curvy fonts can cause problems when trying to view from a distance.

The visibility of your home numbers can be increased by using thick fonts (like Helvetica or something similar). There are several fonts available on the House Numbers website that fit this description, including our Beaumaris, Balmain, and Manly fonts.

It's crucial to understand that some contemporary homeowners may choose to sacrifice legibility from a distance in favour of a font type that complements the design of their house. If this describes you, be sure to choose the next size up for your house number so that guests' or emergency response agencies' ability to read it is maximised.

Readability also heavily depends on the space between house number letters when they are mounted, which is referred to by designers as "kerning." There may not be enough room between numbers if your house numbers are mounted too near together (low kerning), which can affect visibility.

On the other side, there is a possibility that your home numbers could be mistaken for individual numbers if they are mounted with a lot of space between each letter. For example, "123" could be misread as "1," "2," and "3," which could be confusing for guests attempting to find your house.


The hardest part of installing house numbers is sometimes locating the ideal location. House numbers should ideally be positioned at or above eye level close to the front entrance and near a porch light.

But if your front door cannot be seen from the street, you might want to think about getting a second set of house numbers. Perhaps your house is too far back from the road, or plants or trees obscure your front door from view. If so, put a second set at the driveway entrance on a post, fence, or tree so they are easily visible from the street.

A garage should not have house numbers on it. Additionally, if your house is on a corner, make sure the house number faces the street that corresponds to your address.

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Stainless door numbers should stand out against their background in colour or finish, and they should be simple to see at night.

In order to keep the Amazon delivery person safe and happy, we need to make sure our home number is illuminated as it gets dark rather early here in New England during the winter.

Installing your home numbers in a well-lit area is a good idea. For every style, you can find pretty House Number ideas.

If you install it close to the entrance, it usually has lighting already. But think about adding lighting or reflective coatings to your house numbers if you plan to position them somewhere else, like at a gate or fence.

In a word processing application, type the house numbers of your choice in the appropriate size, colour, and font.

On a piece of paper, print the home numbers in a colour that matches the surface you'll be putting them to. If the home numbers are enormous, you might need to cut them out of the background you will be placing them on and tape them together. Next, put your printed home numbers where you want them to be and go to the place where you can see them the farthest.

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