1. Choosing a Trademark For a Number

When buying a number on an apartment door, it is very important to choose a reliable trademark. At this time, there are several brands on the market that produce numbers, but these are mainly supplies from China. 99% of the number plates are made of plastic or thin stainless steel no more than 1 mm thick, the choice of fonts is also limited to standard 2-3.

There is an alternative to such numbers - private producers. Among them is the METALLBOX company, which has occupied its own niche and offers a wide selection of products from real metals, both solid numbers and individual numbers, products manufactured exclusively to order: of any size, shape and font.


  1. Number Style Only for Your Choice

So which number to choose - solid or with separate numbers? Our company would advise you to choose a solid number, since it is he who is exclusively individual and original, both in form and in execution. It is impossible to find a complete number with the necessary digits in a store (especially when it comes to a three-digit or four-digit number), especially if you have any personal special wishes for the number - a special color, your size, your image, your own style.

You can also choose individual chrome door numbers - our company will offer you a large selection of fonts, several colors. Individual numbers do not have a background, there is no base on which an additional image can be applied, and their uniqueness can only be emphasized by choosing an unusual font, size or color.

Such a number will also look original and stylish, but still the whole number is unique in its uniqueness. On a solid number, in addition to numbers, we can apply any image of your choice (for example, initials, logo, date, nickname ...), as well as make a number in any style of your choice - baroque, Japanese, euro, cartoon, ornate, retro, modern - the choice is yours.


  1. Color of The Number - Any Metallic From Gold to Silver and Bronze

The color of the Home Door Numbers number is usually matched to the color and style of the door, to your interior design. The color of the room can be modern or retro .... or even unique. The most commonly used front surface colors:

  •  silver metallic mirror, metal aluminum
  •  silver metallic brushed brushed, aluminum metal
  •  golden metallic mirror, metal brass
  •  brushed golden metallic, metal brass
  •  retro bronze metallic, metal brass


  1. Material of Number - Only Real Metals

All front door numbers that we make individually (Premium Line and Number Line) are made of two different metals, which are processed on powerful milling equipment - aluminum and brass.

Usually, aluminum is chosen for modern interiors, while brass is more often used in classic designs, emphasizing the social and material status of the owner.


home door numbers
  1. Room Size - Any of Your Choice

We can recommend you the size of the future number in crayons of 110 x 65 mm for a solid number. Let's just say that this size is optimal and original ... and not small and not huge, harmoniously fitting into the size of the front door of your interior.

However, at your request, the size of the future number can be almost any. For individual numbers, we recommend a height of 60-70 mm. But, for example, if the numbers are not applied to the door itself, but next to the wall, then it is better to increase their height to 150-180 mm.


  1. The Quality of The Number is At The Jewelry Level

METALLBOX offers products of exceptionally high quality. Each number is produced with the highest quality processing of all edges, surfaces, corners and elements.

We compare our products with jewelry, in which every little thing, every speck and dot has its own meaning and value, demonstrating that the products are made only of metals by true masters of their craft.


  1. Number Reliability for Years

Since our front door numbers are made of high quality metals, their service life is practically unlimited (from 10 to 30 years or more, depending on climatic conditions and the place of installation of the number).

We use a special grade of aluminum that does not corrode and oxidize. In 90% of cases, brass is covered with a special protective varnish, which also helps to keep the number in its original form for many years. As a result, we get the reliability of our rooms at a decent level.


  1. Beauty of The Number

When you get the finished product in your hands, your first reaction is “Wow!”, Because the result is truly beautiful and comparable to a work of art. You want to look at it constantly, hold it in your hands, you want to touch, stroke and smile at the same time. This is a THING with a capital letter that you want to admire.


home door numbers
  1. Type of Number Plate Fasteners

Most often we use 2 types of fasteners - this is reinforced double-sided tape 0.5 - 1 mm thick made in Germany (applied to 95% of the back surface of the number, suitable for smooth or semi-smooth surfaces or a door or wall) and screws (dowels), which screw the number to the surface on which it is attached.

The second method with screws is more laborious, requires additional equipment and certain skills for accurate drilling, so we recommend it in extreme cases, for rough surfaces on which adhesive tape does not stick. There is another type of fastening - steel studs, it is used extremely rarely, only when it comes to a brick or plastered surface next to the door.


  1. Place of Installation of Numbers

Before final assembly of the number, we recommend trying it on visually in different parts of the door in order to understand where it will look best. Perhaps your door has a drawing or is graphically divided into sectors and it will be necessary to fit the number into the overall concept.

We recommend hanging the number at or slightly above eye level, trying to maintain geometric harmony during installation, so that it looks both comfortable and stylish. When attaching individual numbers, we recommend referring to the sketch (which is sent for approval with each order), the distance between the numbers is visually visible.


  1. Packing for The Room

METALLBOX offers 2 types of product packaging. The first type is branded packaging, which is a white box with the company logo + a white branded bag. The box contains the number itself and all the elements necessary for fixing it, as well as a napkin for wiping the number. Such packaging is ideal if you want to order a number as a gift, for example, for a housewarming party.

The second type is a technical box, not as beautiful as a gift box, but quite decent looking, which will keep the number during transportation even over long distances. The cost of packing is included in the price of the room and it depends only on you which one to choose.