The choice of the original chrome number on the door: why is it important?

Despite the fact that a door number is often considered to be something of little importance, even science has strong arguments in favor of choosing a Chrome Door Number is an important task. And, as it turned out, also curious. Among all the elements of the door leaf, the first thing that transfers our consciousness into an active-evaluative phase is precisely the number on the door.


Why? It is simply the only sign on the door that has any meaning. In this regard, it is able to evoke much more associations than even the facade of the door or its color. Abroad, on the basis of this valuable knowledge, they have even created a separate design direction, whose specialists are working on the correct design of rooms and signs on the door. The fruits of their creativity are successfully used by marketers who strive in every way to make their brand the most memorable. Steel high-tech room. 

What should be considered when choosing a number on the door?

The interior of the space around the door (at the entrance) or the surroundings of the house.

The material the door is made of.

Door color and design.

The design of a door lock, a door handle and even ... a door peephole.


chrome door numbers


Interior style and number on the front door

If we are going to attach numbers to a house or apartment, the surroundings of which breathe postmodernism and manufacturability, we should not place classic brass, zinc or metal forged numbers on the door: lack of stylistic unity is the main "symptom" of bad taste. In such a situation, unusual stylized numbers made of stainless steel or even plastic are suitable, however, plastic is not suitable for outdoor space: its heat resistance is not at the highest level.


Door material and correct selection of the number

Metal doors

It is not recommended to place numbers made of plastic or wood on metal doors: in this situation, the compatibility of materials is very important. On such doors, figures of a square, slightly rough shape look good - with their help, the effect of absolute reliability and closeness of the apartment is achieved. 

  • Plastic numbers on a metal door 
  • Wooden doors

On wooden doors, in turn, front door numbers made of plastic or even the same wood, the shade of which will differ from the door, look harmoniously. As for the influence of the Numbers color on the choice of the room, there are two rules: the colors must be different (the number must not get lost), BUT and do not enter into too obvious contrast, which can cut the eye.



chrome door numbers

What are door numbers made of?

  • brass;
  • zinc;
  • stainless steel;
  • plastic.  

Door numbers should also be combined with door fittings.

The color of the numbers (by the way, the most popular ones are antique bronze, chrome, gold, nickel, matt silver) should ideally match the color of the fittings (lock, door handle and peephole): the same applies to materials.


  • How do I arrange the front door number?

To ensure good visibility of the front door number and the guest did not have to puzzledly look for it on the door leaf, it is advisable to follow a simple rule: measure the distance between the upper edge of the door and the keyhole and place the numbers in the middle of this area. However, there are other room placement options. The rule cannot be considered inviolable: a lot depends on the objective visibility of the license plate, which is easy to check just by looking from the side.Brass number on a wooden door.


Methods for fixing the door number

  • Self-adhesive door numbers: suitable for any surface. But you should be careful in the process of gluing: after the exact definition of the location, the number must be glued on the first try, because re-sticking the number can later be dispensed with with a cosmetic repair of the door leaf - high-quality numbers are glued very firmly;
  • Screwed numbers. To fix such a number, having previously marked the desired place, make holes with a drill with a narrow drill, substitute the number to the door, insert the screws into the number and holes and screw with a screwdriver or screwdriver. 

We hope that easy-to-follow tips will help you and your guests or clients not to get lost in the door “numerology” and easily find your final destination. :-)


chrome door numbers


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