Which Kind of door numbers Look beautiful on front door?

The numbers on the door are an integral attribute of every house and apartment. Such a detail is considered a navigation element and allows a person to find the required dwelling number. The products are produced in different colors, made from different materials and have certain methods of fixing on the door. You can make Front Door Numbers for the with your own hands, or you can purchase a suitable option.

How to choose a door number plate from popular materials

There is nothing complicated in the process of attaching numbers to the door leaf. Manufacturers use modern materials for the manufacture of numbers, so that each user can choose a product at will.

Stainless steel products

Stainless steel numbers look modern. They fit well with chrome door hardware that has been additionally polished.

The stainless steel room on the Front Door Numbers is anticorrosive, the material is not afraid of aggressive environments. Stainless steel products are also very popular with consumers.

Main advantages:

  • Practicality of installation and further operation;
  • Increased strength;
  • No special care required;
  • Light weight;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • The material is not afraid of significant temperature changes, does not deform.


Types of numbers on the door

After purchasing a suitable product, the question arises of how to properly fix it on the door leaf. Depending on the type of, Self-Adhesive Door Numbers, screwed numbers, hanging products are distinguished - the latter are often produced in the form of plates. The method of fixing is also influenced by the material of manufacture of the door. For example, a number can be glued and screwed onto a tree, and a leather-covered door can only be glued.

front door numbers


The most common option for Door Numbers is self-adhesive. It is very easy to set such numbers by yourself without the help of a tool. It is necessary to glue the number on the door when its surface is completely degreased:

  1. Wipe the place for the sticker with a mild solvent.
  2. The numbers are applied to the door and outlined with a simple pencil.
  3. On the reverse side, remove the protective film and apply the product to the intended place.

Screw Able

Screw fixing is another option to the apartment number onto the door. The numbers to be screwed should immediately have holes for screws or be solid, and the user actually makes the necessary slots. You can screw, for example, metal numbers on the door, for this you need:

  1. Attach the product to the door and mark the places for drilling holes with a drill.
  2. Drill holes.
  3. Insert self-tapping screws or screws into the numbers and into the holes obtained.
  4. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

In this procedure, evenness is important, therefore, before installation, it is imperative to outline the future location.

Hanging signs

Hanging type plates are creative products, where not only the apartment number, but also other information is indicated. Fixing on the door is simple: there are fasteners on both sides of the product, for which it is necessary to hang the structure. A nail is driven into the door or a self-tapping screw is screwed in, the plate is hung on the fasteners.

Another option is to hang the plate on several fasteners. On the reverse side, the structure has corners, which are fixed on the installed self-tapping screws of the door leaf. Installation is not difficult, so the work is done in half an hour.